If you’re not careful a small roof leak can quickly become a potentially catastrophic roofing problem. Even unnoticed leaks over time can cause extensive damage to your home’s interior. The key is to find the leak quickly, to cut down on the potential repair costs later. The roofing experts at Power Home Remodeling Group recommend looking for these water leak warning signs.

  • Noticeable or new water stains on your ceiling
  • Buckled or curled roof shingles
  • Excess moisture or mold in your attic
  • Constant build-up of condensation on windows
  • Extensive algae and mold growth on your roof’s shingles

If you find the source of the leak, it’s best to contact a roof replacement specialist to assess the overall health of your roof and determine if it’s repairable or whether a larger roof replacement is needed.

Spotting a new or growing water stain on your ceiling can be the first sign of trouble. If you find new evidence that suggests a new leak has developed, trace the flow of the water or the water stain. In many cases, the stain itself can lead you to where the problem is coming from. Rotted wood near and around your roofing system can also be a tell tale sign that water may be entering your home.

If you cannot spot the source of the leak easily, you can try going into the attic and looking for water stains and signs of moisture build-up or mold growth. Getting on your roof and inspecting the condition of the shingles can also be a practical way to spot leaks. But, always use extreme caution before walking or putting weight on your roof. If a large section of your roof is damaged, it may not be able to sustain your body weight, and could pose a safety hazard to you. Also, keep in mind damaged roof areas may not be easy to spot by the untrained eye. Instead, having a certified roofing professional thoroughly inspect your roof can be an effective way to identify any roofing issues and how to resolve them.

If you see any of the leak warning signs in your home, then it is time to contact a licensed roofing specialist to evaluate your roof and to find the source of the leak. For a free roof inspection, call one of our Power Home Remodeling Group roof replacement experts today at (267) 603-8168.