Your siding is not only one of your home’s hallmark exterior features, but it is also your chance to make a “wow” first impression to passersby. Traditionally, homeowners would choose a neutral siding color to blend in with the surrounding homes in the neighborhood. However, using bold colors, accent trims and non-traditional siding styles are the wave of the future. Your home should stand out from the crowd and by upgrading your siding and choosing colors that will bring your home to life can be the instant curb appeal booster you need.

Before you take the plunge and pick a color too wild, consider the following:

  • Other exterior colors on your home, including brick and/or roof color.
  • Any color restrictions put forth by your homeowner’s association
  • The siding color of other homes in your community

The key is to choose your siding color very wisely and go with subtle, yet custom colors like a neutral Hazelnut, deep green kale, or even light blue Niagara. Home design experts also recommend using siding trim colors to accentuate your siding.

But, if you’re wanting a new look for your home, without standing out too much then going with a traditional neutral beige or tan as a siding base can be a good option. This will seamlessly blend your home in with neighboring homes, but give your home a unique and modern flair. If you do go for a bolder trim color, it is always best to use a trim color that is a one- to two-shades lighter than your siding. This will naturally draw your eye to the bold color, but also help to soften it.

Hot Siding Trend: Going Rustic

Incorporating wood shingles and reclaimed wood for interior walls have been trends in the past, so why not use this same concept for your siding? Using a rustic-styled siding material has become a popular trend among homeowners looking for a truly unique way to upgrade their home’s exterior. If you’re set on getting this look, then you’ll have to decide which siding material you want to invest in to achieve that winning curb appeal.

Fiber Cement

If you’re looking for the best siding material to get that eye-catching rustic look and also save you big on your energy bills, then you want to explore fiber cement. Manufactured to look similar to wood siding, fiber cement siding comes in more sizes and shapes than traditional wood siding.

Although, this siding material may be more expensive than your traditional vinyl siding, but what it lacks in affordability, it more than makes up for in durability and longevity. Plus, fiber cement siding is available in a variety of colors, textures, and styles making it a great pick for any home. Plus, if you want the energy efficiency with a fresh new look, fiber cement can be crafted to imitate the look and texture of fieldstone, flagstone, or even brick.

All Natural Wood Planks

If you’re ready to go the all natural wood route, you have a few sliding design options to choose from. You can go with the traditional horizontal panel style, or elevate your home’s curb appeal by randomizing the width of your siding panels. Achieving that rustic look comes in so many different sizes and shapes, but the key is to stick with what you think accentuates your home without taking away from its natural beauty. Even if you opt for the more traditional siding placement, you can add a unique spin to the siding by using a custom stain or finish.

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