With new technology and roofing materials on the market, homeowners have a host of eco-friendly and energy efficient options to choose from. At Power Home Remodeling Group, offering the latest, cutting-edge roofing styles that will instantly make your home the talk of the town are our top priority. If you’re looking for the latest roofing trends as we move into 2018, consider these top three roof types.

1. The Cool, Light Roof

Lighter colors, like whites and beiges are known to reflect the sun’s rays. In comparison to traditionally dark roofs, these light-colored roofs can be 1-2 degrees cooler. Though this may not seem like a significant temperature difference, it can serve to protect your roof over its lifetime. Reducing the roof’s temperature, even by just a few degrees, helps to slow down the natural wear and tear all roofs experience during the hot, summer months. In addition, a cooler roof translates into a cooler attic space, resulting in lower electricity and energy bills to regulate your home’s temperature.

2. The Rustic, Wood Roof

Going rustic and incorporating wood styles are all the craze. Unlike conventional shingles, wood shingles are one of a few biodegradable and recyclable options. But, buyer beware. As with many all-natural materials, wood shingles can introduce a unique fire hazard to your home. Likewise, wood shingles often have a shorter useful life than contemporary asphalt shingles. Whereas an asphalt roof could last up to 20 years with consistent maintenance, a wood shingled roof will need to be replaced every 10-12 years.

3. The Extra Protection, Metal Roof

Adding a metallic look to your home can be an easy way to stand out from your neighbors. Plus, a metal roof adds an extra layer of durability that more traditional roofing materials can’t provide. When well-maintained, metal roofs can last up to 50 years and can reflect large amounts of light, keeping your attic and home cooler all year round. Despite its longevity, metal shingles are some of the most expensive in the market and may not be a great fit for homes that experience high rates of snowfall. Since snow often slides off a metal roof, large snow drifts can be created around the perimeter of the home.

Even if you decide to go with traditional shingles, you can still add more flair to your home by choosing different shingle colors or exploring roof accents. If you’re looking for a way to distinguish your home from your neighbors, contact our roofing design specialists at 1-888-736-6335 for a free consultation.